Maldives: Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

The Maldives has to be my favourite destination ever, and we are super lucky to have travelled there so many times and it never fails to disappoint, and it is usually without doubt our favourite holiday of the year. I am just in love with the islands, the crystal clear turqouise water and white sandy beaches are addictive and it is the one place I feel truly truly relaxed. I often get asked do we not get bored – for us personally never; but if you are the kind of person that can’t sit still, that loves an adventure and loves exploring on holiday then maybe it isn’t for you, but if you are happy in each others company, love a stunning beach, some glorious water and some incredible food like us then I am sure you will love it.

We have been to many islands in the Maldives but we always seem to come back to the Four Seasons Landaa Giravaru, the Four Seasons have another property in the Maldives and also a Private Island and a yacht that you can charter, but the Landaa Girarvaru has my heart. You have to take a sea plane to get to it, and not going to lie its definitely a “journey” from the UK, but totally totally worth it when you feel that beach under your toes.

We tend to stay in a beach bungalow, they have newly renovated water villas which are super incredible but with children, especially Winter being so young I would never relax so we always stay on dry land! We get around on bikes or a golf buggy in the evenings, or you can just walk everywhere. There are 4 restaurants on the island, Fuego Grill which is as it says a beach BBQ grill with a fresh seafood bar to choose what you fancy you sit next to the ocean. It is also right next to Sea Bar a beautiful bar above the sea where you can watch the sharks be fed every evening – dont worry they are tiny ones!! Blue restaurant is a modern Mediterranean restaurant overlooking the main beach with the most incredible sunsets with lovely wine and a great menu. There is also an Arabic restaurant which is divine and SOOO yummy and then Cafe Landaa which is a huge buffet restaurant with lots of theme nights.

I often get asked about taking kids, they have a lovely kids club but I believe you cannot leave your children there without a parent or a babysitter until they are 4 (you can hire a babysitter with the hotel). My girls have never really spent that much time in kids club as they like to be with us! but its a lovey one with tons of activities so Soleil and Winter pick the odd activity they love, usually pizza or cupcake making and take part in that!! The resort itself is very family friendly and you would be surprised the amount of families that are there, it isn’t all couples at all.

Lastly I want to mention the marine and dive centre and the turtle rehabilitation centre. I absolutely love that the hotel gives back – the turtle rehabilitation centre rescues turtles caught in old nets or plastic bags and literally nurses them back to health, often using prosthetics to help them. The girls love to go and watch the turtles and Winter in particular is slightly obsessed! Soleil in this past 2 years has learnt to Scuba Dive at the hotel, she was also able to learn in the sea, in fact it is one of the only places in the world this is possible as children normally are only allowed to dive in swimming pools. The hotel received a special dispensation to be able to teach the children in a certain part of the sea on the beach which is incredibly safe. Soleil is now a Paddy seal (which is the equivalent of a paddy for us grown ups) She was so proud to be able to do this and now has her photo on the diving wall!! We as a family sponsored 2 live coral frames which the girls help to make and now we can monitor them online to watch as the coral grows, which was such a wonderful thing for them to learn about and Soleil is now very aware of the effects of global warming and coral bleaching.

Its impossible to sum up just how much I love the Maldive islands, but they truly are my favourite place in the world.



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