MYTHERESA Kidswear favourites

My Theresa really has the most phenomenal designers for children, some of my classical favourites are Bonpoint, Tartine et Chocolate and Il Gufo. Zimmermann kids is also another favourite with them often having mini me dresses and swimwear, and Chloe Kids and Strella McCartney kids also have amazing lines which often have a cross over to the adults collections…and then of course they have Gucci.


Bonpoint – I often think of Bonpoint as being heirloom pieces, many of the items I bought for Soleil I wrapped up in case of a second child and Winter wears them now. I particularly love their smocking and you will have seen the girls in these duchess dresses which is a style they make year after year in different liberty print fabric. you will have also seen the girls in these Bonpoint pink coats – so many of you message me about these, they are DIVINE, they are so well tailored and look so chic! Another big favourite in our house is the pink faux fur teddy and I also love the leopard version. Lastly I cannot no mention this little red velvet dress which Winter is absolutely in love with!



Tartine et Chocolate – this is another amazing classic brand that we love. My Theresa have done an incredible buy and have all my favourite pieces. The ultimate dress (which does come with a hefty price tag) is the tulle polka dress as you saw on my insta – its also comes in a short sleeves version. This dress is literally fit for a princess. I am also a big fan of their little gingham dress and the yellow is so pretty too!



Chloe Kids – I have always been a fan of Chloe for children, its has a slightly more modern feel and I love the mini me pieces. this year they have focused agin on the signature horse print and I am loving the navy faux fur Gillet. You have probably noticed that Soleil never takes off these gold Chloe shoes, she tells me they are the most comfortable things ever and they are practically the only shoes she wears!! I did also invest in the navy Chloe boots for her this season as she gets so much ware out of the shoes and she also LOVES these. Both the girls have the peach dress that were gifted to them and I have to say they are so so so pretty.




IL Gufo is an Italian brand that I love with lots of heritage. I love their coats – you will have seen the girls in their leopard ones and they also do the cutest little bunny dresses and I was also sent  this amazing navy velvet dress with white collar for the girls – I think this is a particularly beautiful one for Christmas.



Stella McCartney Kids – is one of my all times favourites. I used these days of the week bodies on both my girls when they were babies and love the fact they are organic cotton. This year Winter LOVES the polka dot items and has been running around in this tutu skirt and jumper and I even had to get her the rain coat as its the same print (and I can NEVER get her in a rain coat!) The little bunny rompers just melt my heart as again both the girls had them.



Gucci Kids is also super cute and again I like the buy that My Theresa has. they have lots of little Gucci tees which are so cute, I especially love this cat one which comes in pink too and also little sweaters, love this toadstool one. They also have som more classical pieces like this sky clue cardigan and the harlequin skirt.



Zimmermann – is literally my favourite for the summer months, I love how they use the same fabric for mini me dresses and they are just so pretty with the softest cotton and kids love them. the girls both have this swimming costume (possibly size up if you are new to Zimmermann kids swimwear) and the rash vest is also the pretties ones I have seen, I often find they can bee a bit garish. Its hard for me to choose my favourite dresses but I love this tiered floral one and also all the ones I have compiled below.













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