The Outnet Goes All Out

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I am a HUGE fan of The Outnet, so I was super delighted to be invited to the “Outnet Goes All Out” Christmas Lunch last year and preview some phenomenal upcoming items. 

Its not a reality for most people including myself to fill a wardrobe with designer clothes at full price, so I always mix it up… yes, I buy a few pieces from the store each season but I also buy preloved and a lot from online retailers who sell designer items at reduced price.


The Outnet is without a doubt the top of its game in this category and definitely the online store i use most when it comes to discounted designer items. Not only are most things reduced to normally a minimum of 50% off (a HUGE saving) but their list of brands is endless; if you didn’t know they are the sister company of Net-a-porter so have all the same brands plus more making it my go-to place for cut-priced designer.


I personally love The Outnet for Cashmere, basics, earrings, shoes and for “the one” you longed for in store and couldn’t afford / justify. For basics I often think why pay full price as a good basic won’t really date, simple plain t-shirts and staple knits don’t need to be current season. The cashmere selection is always super fabulous – and with the discount you can often get a cashmere jumper for the same price as you would pay for a wool one in store. Iris and Ink, Autumn cashmere and N.Peal are my favourites go to labels to pick up a fab super soft jumper. I have also been known to stalk The Outnet for statement earrings – A LOT of my statement earrings have come from The Outnet, and my favourite brands include Elizabeth Cole, Kenneth Jay Lane and Ben-Amun, they do sell out quickly though so see my TOP TIPS at the end.


I have posted a few pictures of the event and the picture the outfit I wore on the day, which was head to toe ‘The Outnet’  the skirt was a j.crew leopard print, the jumper was an N.peal cashmere black basic jumper which I wear with everything you can shop here, and some Jimmy Choo shoe boots which I had longed for in store but had never made that leap.






1. Sign up to the Outnet, make an account and make sure you get the alerts and notifications so you dont miss anything.

2. If there is a piece that has sold out and you love it – DO create an alert, quite frequently I find it comes back in stock.

3. Know your size – it may sounds silly and we think we know our size, but try to know which size you are in brands you love (even the ones outside your full price budget)…all brands are different so knowing you size can save you masses of time returning items. Don’t be afraid to go into your favourite brands store and try things on so you know your size and how things fit. A few people say to me that they feel intimidated going into a designer store for example Chloe or Gucci, DONT be – and if you still are then head into a department store, it’s always less intimidating

4. Don’t buy anything you wouldn’t have bought full price (had it not been cheaper if that makes sense)

5. Don’t wait around – I am guilty of this, I put things in my basket, get distracted and then they go…if you know you like it GET it, things sell out super fast on The Outnet plus you can always return them – they provide a prepaid DHL label and are super quick refunding returns.