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Now that I am more than well into my thirties; practically all my friends have babies or young children. However although I always remember a lovely card, I am not always the the greatest at getting birthday gifts – SO I always like to go that extra mile at Christmas and get the most perfect gifts possible. Believe it or not I genuinely start thinking about Christmas presents in January!
I have to be honest though, I have always felt that finding the right gift isn’t necessarily easy – you know that your friends don’t want any more plastic rubbish, they want a quality item not something that they already have surplus of, so I like to find a unique gift, something that will be treasured, something that is needed, of a beautiful quality-  essentially something that the parents and the children will love to receive. I have always thought that personalisation is the way to go with this, I mean who doesn’t love a unique personalised gift, an heirloom pieces a keepsake to treasure?


I recently discovered ‘My First Years’ an online store selling the most fabulous selection of personalised products for babies and children – totally perfect for not only my Christmas gifts, but birthdays, christenings and new baby gifts – basically every occasion. The range is huge and covers everything from toy storage and clothing, to accessories and toys and each product can be personalised for no extra charge often in a variety of colours and styles, whats more they offer same day dispatch on personalised items (no waiting for weeks on end). If that isn’t enough it arrives in the most beautiful turquoise packaging and boxes (at no extra charge i might add!) – totally perfect right?!



I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous personalised small rocking horse for Winter (its divine) and some beautiful embroidered hooded towels with the girls names on. Everything arrived in sublime signature packaging and the rocking horse was super easy to put together which is always a bonus (as much as I love a flat pack they can often be a pain as I am sure you are aware!)


Soleil was delighted to have a personalised hooded towel and couldn’t wait to twin with Winter, who has been obsessed with the rocking horse since it arrived and constantly wants me to put her in it! It really makes her giggle she really has so much fun with it.




I am already shortlisting ideas for Christmas – I LOVE the personalised toy chest, especially in the grey (such a neutral colour for your living room) although I also love the pink and the white versions, and know from personal experience EVERY parent never has enough storage for toys! I also LOVE the huge storage bags, and it even comes in one of my all time favourite patterns – pink ditsy .



Next on my list are the gorgous wooden little chairs, so traditional (which is very me) and they come in a rocking or a non rocking version in a variety of colours and again personalised with the little persons name.



For bigger children I am loving the personalised umbrellas – which come in a variety of colours and are super cute and totally practical…..Soleil had a look on the site and is coveting one of the backpacks.



I could go on and on with suggestions and if unlike me (ha ha) – you are far better at remembering to get birthday gifts – this is a one stop shop for that all year around PERFECT gifts for children and babies, whatever the occasion. Who knows, now i have found My first years, maybe now i will be gifting on every occasion possible!!


I have put together a shortlist of my favourites in 2 price categories below – or you can shop the whole site HERE.




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