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As you probably know I am a HUGE fan of preloved clothing and i get asked A LOT about how i find my treasures, so wanted to do a piece on Vestiaire Collective for you. Back in my late teens and early 20s I would buy practically most of my clothes from eBay, or the vintage stores that I trawled through on weekends and then would spend all my modeling wages on the odd designer piece that I just “couldn’t live” without! (I was never very good at saving).


Depending on what you are searching for I think buying preloved really takes some dedication and time, I have found some phenomenal pieces and often get asked how I find them but to be honest they very rarely just “appear”, you do have to put the work in – but boy its an AMAZING feeling when you find “the one” But those one offs, those once in a lifetime finds do generally take time. For years and years, I would spend all evening just looking through eBay, it was just what I did, some people watch TV or read a book, I would stalk eBay, searching my favourite designers, vintage pieces and look at items from my favourite sellers.


Buying some items preloved or often even new on eBay and the like can be easy – items that were in large supply for example jeans – if you know the make and model name you can simply put a notification on eBay for say “saint Laurent jeans” in your size, and you will get an email when some become available.


I think there are really are some fabulous treasures to be found, and every day its getting easier as more and more stores are putting their inventory online, and lets face it the preloved market must have grown 100 fold since the launch of Vestiaire Collective.


Vestiare Collective is probably my favourite site for preloved finds.


Forgive me if you know how it works, but a lot of people don’t, so here is how…you are buying an item from an individual (not VC direct although that is not always the case) after the transaction is complete the seller the posts the item to the Paris HQ of VC to be vetted by the team, then if it passes the tests –1) it must be in the condition stated 2) it has to be authentic and 3) be exactly as stated in the description then it passes Quality control and VC will send it on to you, normally overnight with DHL then VC will pay the seller. Simple.


The best thing to do is sign up with Vestiaire collective premier, then every day you can preview all the items that will be listed soon, and put a notification on your favourites, that way you can hopefully beat other people for the sale (some tings sell the second they are listed) and most importantly it gives you time to research if the item – I will always check it is well priced, and try to find other pictures of the item. For example if I see a Saint Laurent dress I like the look of, I will google it and try and find pictures of it from when it was originally on sale, or runway pictures to triple check I like the style and check that it is a good price.


Here are some of my favourite VC finds, a Vintage Chanel Medallion necklace, and 2 runway Chanel dresses i got for a steal



1. There are NO returns on items if they don’t fit or you don’t like them, only returns are accepted if there is a fault.

2. I ALWAYS ALWAYS pay with paypal – this was you are doubly covered, for example if you think an item shouldn’t have passed control, and they think it should.

3. Note shipping times – sellers do have up to 4 weeks to get the item into VC, normally they post it within a few days BUT you are reliant on the individual seller, therefore if it is an item you need for a certain occasion, or you simply need it quickly, I highly recommend speaking to the seller prior to purchasing to check they are willing to send it quickly.

4. If something comes and it really doesn’t fit, you are allowed to relist it for sale  at the same price without paying commission.

5. Where possible look at a sellers rating, the other items they are selling, how frequently they are selling. Obviously a first time seller will probably be great, but you may want to ask questions about how quickly they will ship as they are new to the game

6. If you don’t have the money for an item, save items you love into your wish list and WAIT..After a week if the item hasn’t sold you are able to put an offer in….be cheeky with your offers, you wont believe some of the things I have got away with…the longer something has been for sale, obviously the lower the seller will negotiate.

7. Spend time looking at favourite designers, and using the site in general, after you have made a few sales you will become a dab hand at negotiating and finding things you love.

8. Follow your favourite sellers, and create notifications from favourite searches.





Below you can shop the post with some of my current favourites for sale on Vestiare Collective  – THE Rejina Pyo famous silver dress, my Vita Kin green dress (obviously not actually mine) the stripe Chanel cardigan worn by Giselle in the campaign, a Chanel leather skirt from the infamous 2011 Paris Byzance collection, a pair of brand new Chanel slingbacks with the pearl which are £100 cheaper than in store and you could put an offer on,  BRAND NEW Celine  espadrilles v neck pumps, a Gucci TOM FORD dress AND SO SO MANY MORE – enjoy!!






A lot of my favourite finds have been Chanel – here are a few currently available



Below is THE COAT – my favourite ever VC purchase a £5000 Chloe coat i couldn’t afford when it was in store so you can imagine my delight when i found it on the site for £700…i have found some AMAZING newer versions of my coat all for a great price…have linked a beautiful white one (3 separate times as they have 3 in different sizes)







VC always have a great collection of Hermes bags, belts and other accessories. I warn you some of these bags are eye-wateringly expensive – but I have bought and sold many Hermes bags on VC before (but bare in mind the newer bags are often more than in store due to the short supply) Both my CDC belts were bought from VC and are vintage from the 80s, always ask for measurements, the sizing differs in the vintage models…and ask for receipts if you are buying an expensive bag, and ALWAYS pay with PayPal 🙂





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The Outnet Goes All Out

I am a HUGE fan of The Outnet, so I was super delighted to be invited to the “Outnet Goes All Out” Christmas Lunch last year and preview some phenomenal upcoming items. 

Its not a reality for most people including myself to fill a wardrobe with designer clothes at full price, so I always mix it up… yes, I buy a few pieces from the store each season but I also buy preloved and a lot from online retailers who sell designer items at reduced price.


The Outnet is without a doubt the top of its game in this category and definitely the online store i use most when it comes to discounted designer items. Not only are most things reduced to normally a minimum of 50% off (a HUGE saving) but their list of brands is endless; if you didn’t know they are the sister company of Net-a-porter so have all the same brands plus more making it my go-to place for cut-priced designer.


I personally love The Outnet for Cashmere, basics, earrings, shoes and for “the one” you longed for in store and couldn’t afford / justify. For basics I often think why pay full price as a good basic won’t really date, simple plain t-shirts and staple knits don’t need to be current season. The cashmere selection is always super fabulous – and with the discount you can often get a cashmere jumper for the same price as you would pay for a wool one in store. Iris and Ink, Autumn cashmere and N.Peal are my favourites go to labels to pick up a fab super soft jumper. I have also been known to stalk The Outnet for statement earrings – A LOT of my statement earrings have come from The Outnet, and my favourite brands include Elizabeth Cole, Kenneth Jay Lane and Ben-Amun, they do sell out quickly though so see my TOP TIPS at the end.


I have posted a few pictures of the event and the picture the outfit I wore on the day, which was head to toe ‘The Outnet’  the skirt was a j.crew leopard print, the jumper was an N.peal cashmere black basic jumper which I wear with everything you can shop here, and some Jimmy Choo shoe boots which I had longed for in store but had never made that leap.






1. Sign up to the Outnet, make an account and make sure you get the alerts and notifications so you dont miss anything.

2. If there is a piece that has sold out and you love it – DO create an alert, quite frequently I find it comes back in stock.

3. Know your size – it may sounds silly and we think we know our size, but try to know which size you are in brands you love (even the ones outside your full price budget)…all brands are different so knowing you size can save you masses of time returning items. Don’t be afraid to go into your favourite brands store and try things on so you know your size and how things fit. A few people say to me that they feel intimidated going into a designer store for example Chloe or Gucci, DONT be – and if you still are then head into a department store, it’s always less intimidating

4. Don’t buy anything you wouldn’t have bought full price (had it not been cheaper if that makes sense)

5. Don’t wait around – I am guilty of this, I put things in my basket, get distracted and then they go…if you know you like it GET it, things sell out super fast on The Outnet plus you can always return them – they provide a prepaid DHL label and are super quick refunding returns.





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Hi Everyone,


So its here, or at least in part! The site is a work in progress, but if I wait for it to be fully finished goodness knows if it would ever go live! Hopefully there will be a lot more content to come and lots of changes, but I am a crazy busy full time Mum and just getting this bit finished has been a massive stretch.


I wanted to create a visual easy to use site, kind of like an online shopping guide of the things that myself, and my daughters Winter and Soleil either own, love, recommend or that are on our wishlist. I get lots of messages every day from people asking me the brand of various things from within our home, or the store Winters toys came from etc so I thought I should compile a site full to the brim of them.


My head injury means I am unable to spend hours on screens so writing a full on blog would be impossible. Instead I thought to keep the site super current I could easily post a daily “Top 10’ ranging from top 10 shoes and dresses, to top 10 preloved jackets, or top 10 vintage levis….the list is endless.


I do realise that a lot of the items in the Hannah, Soleil and Winter Loves sections are not to everyones budget, so I am aiming to cater for all budgets in the Top 10s.


Please do message me, I really do love hearing from you and I do endeavour to answer all DMs, it sometimes take time but I try.


I hope you enjoy it



Hannah xxx